There is so much controversy surrounding dreadlocks; varying from, who can and cannot wear it and whether it is an acceptable hair style to wear as an employee in some offices and as a member of learning institutions.

Dreadlocks, also referred to as locs or dreads, is a styling method which involves twisting or braiding your natural hair, allowing it to become “locked” Why should you get locs? To start, it is easy on your pockets and can be easily maintained. You no longer need to regularly purchase expensive hair products to maintain a hairstyle and less visits to the salon is required. It is one of the most inexpensive way to style maintain great looking hair.

Say bye to harmful perms and relaxers. It is also a protective style for your natural due to the nature of the loc. Your hair strands form tightly together and create a protective barrier from elements, that can cause damage to your tresses. Dreads are quite fashionable as well and can be considered as the statement piece of any outfit. Although you may have dreads, you can still switch it up and rock box braids and weaves and in the event that you no longer believe the dread life is for you, you can “unlock” your dreads. So, what are you waiting for? Get loc’d! Check out our list of services and price.  If you are new to locking, our expert lockticians can offer you the provide you with tailored advice to help you on your journey.


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